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Getting Hair Transplants in Chennai

If your hairs start to thin at the top, or if you feel like you're going bald, you can easily get a hair transplant in Chennai to feel more confident about your looks. There are some things that we just should not take for granted, and our hair is one of those things. With age, reducing hairlines, hair falling out and similar mishaps are quite common, and can instill emotional duress and self – consciousness in you. In that case, getting hair transplantation is a good idea. So girls & boys! Don’t over think about your degrading confidence and personality due to baldness.

Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon & Clinic:

In case you are provided with the multiple options of hair transplant surgeons for your treatment, you’ll always prefer the most experienced surgeon because in each & every field, experience matters a lot. You can easily find several doctors in Chennai who are efficient and can help you get a hassle – free and satisfying hair transplant to build back your esteem. Apart from choosing the right hair transplant surgeon, the other most important matter of consideration is the atmosphere and facilities offered at the hair restoration clinics.

Who can undergo this Hair Transplant procedure?

FUE Hair Transplant & Local Anesthesia:

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results

Life Changing Results
Life Changing Results
Life Changing Results
Life Changing Results

Meet Our Hair Transplant Surgeon in Chennai

Dr. Sainath Matsa

M.D.S., F.H.R.S.

He is an honest and experienced surgeon, worked as a Clinical Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at SRM University, Chennai. By utilizing his exceptional surgical skills and efficiency, he is currently providing his services as a deputed member of AOMSI.

Dr. Sainath is dedicatedly involved in improving the quality of life for his patients through his immense knowledge of Hair Transplant & Cosmetic surgeries. Furthermore, he is a board certified surgeon and a frequent contributor in national & international journals as well.

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6 Reasons to Choose Natural Hair Transplant

Natural way to get hair back

Hair Transplant is the natural way to get back lost hairs. NHT helps you to provide hairs back on your head in natural way. Get hair transplant at NHT & feel the difference.

Cost effective treatment

Cost is one of the major factors when it comes to hair transplant. NHT is the way to get hair transplant at effective cost. Cost depends upon how much bald area you have.

Minimum graft wastage

To compare the viability of the grafts, we stored them ina solution which helps to increase the yield of hair grafts. Grafts are the key thing in hair transplantation.

Permanent results

Hair transplant is known as the permanent hair loss treatment. NHT is providing hair transplant with Fue & bio fue techniques which are the result oriented techniques for permanent results.

Stitch less, scar less treatment

Fue, which is stitch less, scar less & pain less procedure. Do get it done at state of art NHT clinics where no scar left visible after surgery.

Experience hair transplant surgeons

NHT is the panel of most experienced hair transplant surgeons from all over India. When it comes to hair transplantation NHT is the largest name in the field.

Check baldness level and calculate grafts

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Complete Hair Loss Treatment Services

Hair loss !! now beome a common word as problem is increasing day by day. People are searching for the ways to get rid of this nightmare. This is because the hair transplantation is getting more popularity these days. Hair loss affects not only men & women but even the children of small age has also get affected. To treat hair loss first it needs to explore the causes of hair loss. Major & common causes of hair loss includes stress, diet, genetic reason, inaccurate ways of hair styles etc.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy